Clash of Champions 2020: Spoiler on WWE Title Ambulance Match

The capacity of this potential Clash Of Champions 2020 main event, however, was altered during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Drew McIntyre kicked off the show and proposed that the title match should be an Ambulance match as both himself and his opponent were taken to hospital in this vehicle in recent weeks.

Later, WWE also confirmed the stipulation for the match which they say can take place at anywhere in the venue. Meanwhile, Sky Bet revealed the betting odds for Clash of Champions 2020 match, McIntyre vs Orton. It indicates the ongoing run of the champion will stay intact despite people thinking that Orton is the perfect name to put an end to the run.

In terms of the odds, McIntyre is a slight favorite with 4/5 odds against The Viper, who stands close at 10/11 odds. These two have showed great in-ring chemistry, and despite whoever wins, the pair are likely to deliver an impactful match, one worthy to remember.

Meanwhile, merchandise sales have turned out to be a key reason why WWE want to host an Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions 2020. Apparently, WWE wants to boost its toy sales. There has been an advertisement on YouTube promoting a new WWE Break Apart Ambulance toy featuring Drew McIntyre.

Since McIntyre’s action figure is related to that ambulance toy, the WWE marketing team has come up with the idea of putting the WWE Championship on the line against Orton in an Ambulance match.

Another added reason behind this gimmick match is to protect both the superstars. McIntyre and Orton are the top babyface and heel stars of Raw roster and won’t be be pinned or submitted in an Ambulance Match to lose the bout.

The only way to win this kind of match is to load your opponent into the ambulance and then shut the door. This could be leading to another rematch, possibly inside Hell in a Cell, next month if WWE decides to stretch the ongoing rivalry.

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