Dana White tells Curtis Blaydes he made himself ‘look stupid’ after ‘talking s***’

Blaydes claimed a 49-46, 48-47, 48-46 victory, but in the eyes of White the heavyweight bout did not meet expectations following the ‘Razor’s’ confident talk before the fight.

In the build-up he suggested fans hoping for a thrilling battle should not bother tuning in because “I fully intend on ragdolling my opponent”, while after his win Blaydes confirmed he will wait to see what occurs in the heavyweight title trilogy between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier before deciding on his next fight.

But, even though Blaydes set a new record (14) for takedowns in a heavyweight final, White was less than impressed and suggested he would be unwise to wait around for Miocic or Cormier on the evidence of Saturday.

“With his performance tonight and his cardio, I wouldn’t wait around if I was him,” White said in the post-fight media conference. “I’d stay active and stay busy.

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“I like Curtis Blaydes, but Curtis Blaydes has the wrong attitude as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have anything against the kid at all, [but] when you talk s*** like he talked this week, you better come in and whoop somebody’s a** when you talk s*** like that.

“When you talk the s*** that he did and perform like he did tonight? You look stupid.

“Yeah, he won. He talked a lot of s*** coming in this week. I don’t think you talk the s*** he talked this week and come in and perform like that.

“Talking about rag-dolling people, and he’s not getting paid, and yada yada, [saying that] he should be getting the title shot.

“He gassed out at the end of the third round, made it to the fifth and won the fight. Yes, he won.”

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