Former WWE Champion wants to retire legendary Triple H

While all of the mentioned names have already competed in their final matches, Triple H remains the only one who’s yet to hang up the boots. The belief is that he still has left a couple of matches within him following which WWE should arrange a grand farewell for the send-off purpose. There’s a possibility that it could end through a dream match after recent comments from a former WWE Champion.

AJ Styles and Triple H have never met against each other inside the squared circle for a match but The Phenomenal One can’t wait to make it happen given WWE creative team’s signal remains green. AJ is willing to send the Cerebral Assassin of the WWE into retirement, as per his recent statements which could make a never-before-seen match, a reality.

During his Twitch stream, AJ Styles was questioned by a fan whether he would be down competing in a match against Triple H. The answer was positive from the current SmackDown roster member. If WWE would book him against the fourteen-time world champion, he would love to compete in that match, especially if it turns out to be the latter’s final match.

“Should I throw it out there and send it out there that I’d be his last match. I would love to do that. I’ll let him know I’d do that with him. He and I have been in the same ring together but we were on the same team. It was when we were in Japan. It was basically The O.C. and Triple H; that was fun.”

As mentioned above, Triple H and AJ Styles haven’t competed against each other in WWE. But for one instance, they were seen teaming up together in a tag team match. It was in 2018 during a non-televised live event in Japan where The Game and The OC picked up a win.

Since then, Triple H has been seen less in the role of an in-ring performer. His corporate duties have grown bigger in recent years as WWE put him in the EVP of Talent Relations and NXT Head’s spot, at the same time. Back at Super ShowDown 2019 in Saudi Arabia, the veteran has competed for the last time against Randy Orton that ended in a losing effort.

During a recent conversation, Triple H commented on his wrestling career mentioning how he doesn’t want to be a part of in-ring action, anymore. But he couldn’t officially call it a day as WWE could need his services in the future, forcing him to lace up the boots. So the good thing is the fantasy warfare against AJ Styles can’t be wiped out.

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