La Liga stayed afloat despite the pandemic

The top tier of Spanish football was up and about on the field to host the top 20 teams of Spain in just three month of the lockdown announcement.

In order to ensure the safety of around 3,300 staff members and 1,000 players, the La Liga adhered to the strict protocols laid down by authorities and was back on its feet due to a well-co-ordinated effort between the league’s officials, Spanish authorities and participating clubs to complete the 238 of the remaining matches of the season.

“La Liga has undoubtedly been one of the audiences favorite football leagues. The year gone by has been hard on everyone, but football has been one of the binding factors which has given hope to the people. Being a culturally strong league with high level of flexibility has made it possible to keep our partners happy and engaged during the pandemic,” said La Liga India Managing Director Jose Antonio Cachaza while revealing La Liga’s some of institutional achievements of the year 2020.

The top brass of La Liga shared their insights on topics such as league protocols, economic viability, sponsorships, management of stakeholders and how they stitched all these crucial aspects together to ensure they were back in action considering the challenges of the new normal.

(Source: Media Release)

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