WWE to throw celebration for legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin

According to Wrestle Votes, Stone Cold will receive a special celebration week much similar to what Triple H received for his 25th anniversary, earlier this year. Fans will get to revisit the iconic moments from his career with the Hall of Famer himself attending WWE programme.

Moreover, WWE is likely to launch a campaign around this milestone of his career. They are apparently going to release a line of merchandise and get them sold out based on the legendary superstar’s popularity. They did the same with Triple H or even The Undertaker’s career anniversaries in the past.

The source also informed that the celebration around Stone Cold will be thrown only after the fans return at show tapings. It’s obviously not confirmed when that happens but big plans are on the pipeline and WWE Universe must be prepared to have a blast,

“WWE has plans to honor Stone Cold Steve Austin in a similar way to the 25th anniversary celebration for Triple H that has been ongoing with a slew of new merchandise as well as a live appearance once audiences return.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to WWE television always helps to boost up rating. He is guaranteed to garner some attention no matter in which capacity, they’re going to bring him back. It’s also possible that they can also sell out at entire PPV around the former franchise player of the company just like they did with The Undertaker, five years ago at Survivor Series.

The last time The Texas Rattlesnake was seen in a WWE ring was at Monday Night RAW’s March 16th episode where an Austin 316 celebration had gone down. WWE Raw commentator Byron Saxton ended up receiving several stunners on that night.

Unfortunately, there’s not been any audience on the show as the coronavirus outbreak had already begun. Hopefully, the fans will be back at the arenas to scream ‘Hell Yeah’ at the top of their voice, the next time around.

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