Diego Maradona health: Doctor says Argentina great is anaemic and dehydrated but improving in hospital

The Argentina and Napoli great was admitted on Monday and is keen to leave, doctor Leopoldo Luque said.

Maradona, who turned 60 last Friday, appeared in a fragile state when he briefly made an appearance as the Gimnasia side he coaches played a match on the evening of his birthday.

He does not have COVID-19 and has not suffered a relapse in any addiction, his doctor has stressed, and the 1986 World Cup winner appears to be taking steps on the road back to better health.

Luque said on Monday that Maradona’s spirits were low, but on Tuesday he updated local media at the Ipensa hospital in La Plata to indicate signs were positive.

“Diego is much better than yesterday and eager to leave,” Luque said, quoted by La Nacion.

“The night went well and we were joking. I want him to stay one more day. He is anemic and he still feels dehydrated, so we have to correct that.

“He is in good spirits; the idea is to improve him as much as possible. He has been walking inside the clinic.”

Luque said Maradona could choose to leave hospital ahead of schedule.

“My goal is for him to stay until tomorrow. But he has autonomy and wants to go. If the patient is conscious, he can decide,” Luque said.

“It is a long-term treatment and to be done on an outpatient basis. But he can work whenever he wants.”

Luque said on Monday that the pressure of the last week had caused “a downfall of spirits”, describing Maradona as being “listless” before he was admitted for treatment.

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