Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns: Winner revealed of WWE Survivor Series 2020 mega battle

As per the theme of the show, the WWE Champion is scheduled to face the Universal Champion in a non-title Champion vs Champion match. So now Drew McIntyre will face Roman Reigns in a mega battle which can be billed as the top babyface going up against the top heel of the roster.

Sky Bet has revealed the betting odds for Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre at WWE Survivor Series 2020 and it’s in favor of the blue brand. As per the odds, Roman is likely to pick up the win with 1/2 odds, while McIntyre is a narrow underdog at 6/4.

It’s a no-brainer that the King of Claymore Country will have to bring the very best of his game to defeat the Reigns. Both these men are heavily protected by the WWE creative but since one of them has to digest a pinfall or submission loss, they have no option.

With Reigns being considered as a wise and trusted shoulder compared to Drew, it’s likely that a win will be kept in store for him so that he remains undefeated since return at SummerSlam 2020.

For those who have forgotten, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre collided at WrestleMania 35 in 2019 in a high stakes match and stretched that feud for months to follow. But the capacity is higher in Survivor Series 2020 as it shows how strongly these two characters have been built on WWE TV. It will be a true Clash of Titans, this Sunday night.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about this match and explained why WWE made a title switch, so late during the Survivor Series build. He added that after much consideration, the decision came down to WWE wanting to produce a babyface (Drew McIntyre) vs heel (Roman Reigns) match on November 22nd.

The creative also felt a Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns as a “nothing match” at Survivor Series, given how many times these two have fought in the past. They are veterans without a doubt but the fans might have ended up cheering for Reigns while the two would have battled. This is not what WWE wanted to happen, right now, given he is the top-most heel of Smackdown.

“They had nothing going on and they had already done a bunch of Randy Orton/ Drew McIntyre matches that Drew McIntyre kept winning, and to keep it going they had to have Randy Orton win one, so they did. In the end, I guess they could have held off until the pay-per-view, but I guess they wanted a babyface/heel dynamic in this match,” noted the source.

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