Latest update on The Bella Twins’ return to WWE

From a business perspective, Vince McMahon always loved to use these two names on the programme as it automatically generates some mainstream attention to the product. So despite the criticism about their in-ring abilities, the company must be interested in booking them for one more run.

Last week, it was Nikki Bella’s fiancee Artem Chigvintsev, who spoke with US Magazine teasing the WWE return of The Bella Twins.

“She’s been having talks about coming back and doing something together with Brie,” Chigvintsev said “They both have kids, and I feel like they still have this ‘unclosed’ chapter with wrestling. I would not be surprised.”

Once the rumour mill started discussing the same, the newly become moms decided to make a clarification on the topic.

In a recently posted video on their YouTube channel, the Bella Twins set the record straight on a potential comeback as Nikki Bella stated they did have some “talks” about it. She noted what Artem meant was that she and Brie had talks among themselves of returning, but they haven’t reached WWE.

Brie Bella added that while they can’t wait to show up on WWE programme, the timing would be a very important factor in this situation. The Bella Army members just can’t expect them to be back, at the earliest. Brie continued that she didn’t want to repeat the same mistake she did a few years ago while attempting to do a comeback shortly after having her first child.

“A couple of mistakes I did with Birdie on a couple of my comebacks is Birdie was so little — you’re sleep deprived, you’re trying to train, you’re trying to be a mom, so it can be really hard,” Brie stated. “I’d like to wait until the boys are like two years old, or something like that. I see us making a comeback in a couple of years, or maybe it’s next year, I don’t know, but it’s not next month!”

Nikki Bella concluded by saying that she feels one last run is needed for the two of them as their last run in 2018 didn’t get the same attention because they were busy with a number of other projects,

“It would have to be our main focus because even when we came back for Evolution, we were running three companies, we were filming a reality TV show, we had so much on our plate — Brie had Birdie — and we just said the comeback didn’t get its full attention from us that we wanted it to have,” Nikki recalled. “So, we’re gonna make sure on that, too.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling Inc)

Both of The Bella Twins had the honor of picking up the Divas Championship, on separate occasions with Nikki being the longest-reigning champion with this belt. So, now they want to target the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles which have been on their bucket list since the inauguration in 2019.

WWE did plan a feud for them against The IIconics over those belts following WrestleMania 35 but that program was eventually nixed.

It’s good to know that possibility for Nikki Bella to compete in a wrestling ring is still alive after she was forced to retire due to a broken neck as well as a brain cyst.

Both she and her sister gave birth to baby boys, earlier this summer who are still working out to be back in shape. So, an imminent return can’t be expected, anyway for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

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