Revealed: Potential WWE Championship match at Summerslam 2020

Originally, this rematch could have been the headliner for SummerSlam 2020 but WWE pulled the trigger earlier than expected and placed it at Backlash to put over Randy Orton as a strong heel using Edge. Now the winner of the bygone pay-per-view main event is perhaps destined to be the main eventer of SummerSlam against a different opponent.

The current belief is that the WWE Championship match at SummerSlam will feature Drew McIntyre defending the belt against Randy Orton in a singles contest. In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, McIntyre was asked to pick an ideal opponent for the second biggest PPV event of the year and he chose none other than The Viper to hint the bout could happen soon.

As per the reigning champion, a rivalry against Randy Orton “has to happen” as he is someone who can help him “work up”. Furthermore, McIntyre believes that Orton is his “Joker” who can help him to build his own legacy as a strong babyface champion.

“Someone like an Orton is someone who can make me work up, really learn from, he’s obviously an established name, people tune in saying hey there’s Randy Orton.

“If they’ve never seen me before or remember me from the past they’re gonna go ‘ooh who’s this guy?’ and he’s gonna help tell that story and really establish me as a top, top player. I think basically Randy Orton is my Joker.” (courtesy

Fans will be keen to see a feud where The Apex Predator would be playing mind games on the Scottish Psychopath. This one has all the potential to be presented as a solid storyline between the two top superstars from the Raw roster. Orton climbing to the upward direction of the talent food chain might have already planted the seeds of this future program during this summer.

Drew McIntyre also has been on his own path of greatness so far, thanks to a strong title reign. He slayed The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, and then had his first successful pay-per-view defense against Seth Rollins at Money In The Bank.

This past Sunday night at Backlash, McIntyre successfully defended the title against Bobby Lashley. He’s now just one step away from heading into SummerSlam as the WWE Champion as one more PPV title defense awaits him at Extreme Rules in July.

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